Secure Utility for Utilities

The Cyber and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), under the Department of Homeland Security, provides direction to all critical infrastructure sectors. Their guidance and assessments are focused on identifying vulnerabilities and improving the resiliency, safety, and the security of vital services.

This vulnerability undermines the very intent of these systems; to mitigate risk. With Secure Utility’s multi-layered cybersecurity solution, you can connect over a true secure private network with a priority LTE connection, segregated on the back-end of most mobile carrier networks – not the public Internet. Remote connection to the Secure Private Network is guarded by a managed, bank-grade firewall, updated in real time to defend against up and downstream threats.

Secure Utility fills a critical gap, eliminating the threat of cyber-attacks and malware infections on the very systems meant to keep infrastructure safe and secure.

Remote connectivity to security, life-safety, and operational controls over the Internet can expose critical infrastructure to cyber threats.

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