Secure Remote Connectivity for Two-Way Radios

Situational Awareness During the Golden Hour

Two-way radios are handy for routine patrols, inspections, and facility communications. However, when the routine becomes an emergency, bringing more resources to bear is vital.

The Golden Hour

In an emergency, your first communication would be to relay the problem, request backup, and contact emergency services. You may be alone with only dispatch, the Control Center, or a coworker on the other end of the radio. At this moment, you are dealing with the situation as safely and effectively as possible. You are within the Golden Hour. This is the time of greatest danger and opportunity to affect the outcome. How can the Control Center help you at this moment?

  • Situational Awareness
  • Guidance
  • Emergency Services

Situational Awareness

The Control Center is first gathering the necessary input and determining the
scale of the situation. Is this an active shooter, a broom closet fire, or health emergency? Beyond contacting and deploying emergency services, they may extend communications to bring more resources to bear.

Hostage situations, active shooter(s), terrorist acts, and chemical incidents are complex with multiple, segregated conversations taking place. Extending the radio communication through Secure Remote Connectivity can bring vital information to incident management or allow Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to provide additional support.


Once the Control Center understands the situation, they can provide guidance. Perhaps it is life-saving direction such as asking you to vacate, take cover, fight for your life, administer CPR, or use a defibrillator. Perhaps there is a malfunctioning piece of equipment, gushing water, or smell of gas.

What may seem like a maintenance issue could be a sign of pending danger to you, the property, and everyone nearby. On the other hand, it could only be a maintenance issue. In any case, Secure Remote Connectivity can bring immediate information from the best source for the most useful guidance in your situation.

Emergency Services

Extending radio communications to security managers in transit can improve readiness for the situation. Your radio communications can also be shared with emergency management centers to improve broader awareness of significant incidents. Anything that reduces chaos for greater control, coordination, and precise action could reduce injuries and save lives.



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