Plug-n-Play Secure Remote Connectivity for Building Systems

Secure Utility has made the complex simple by
creating secure remote connectivity that is easily
implemented by authorized integrators.

When you think about protecting systems from hacking and malicious code, do visions of IT network specialists installing new software that requires on-going patching and upgrading come to mind?

What if you could protect building systems such as video surveillance, access control, life-safety, and building automation systems from malware and unauthorized access without having to maintain firewalls, provide constant network monitoring, and costly IT support?

Secure Utility’s plug-n-play service offers bank-grade protection for your systems without the need for lengthy implementations and racks of hardware. Their private network operates on the priority back-end of the mobile carrier network where your upstream and downstream traffic is screened for threats. The bank-grade firewall is updated in real-time and supported by Secure Utility’s technical team.

With Secure Utility, you no longer need to protect building systems with firewalls at every location. This reduces your points of presence on the Internet and protects your video, access control, and OT systems with bank-grade protection at a fraction of the cost. All that is needed is a Secure Utility IBB (Interoperable Black Box) with an activated M-SIM® (Militarized Sim Card) to direct your remote connectivity to the private network.

Whether you need remote video surveillance, access control, alarm connection, or building operations, your Authorized Integrator can recommend the data plan and configuration to quickly protect your building systems.


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