Reduce Risk — Minimize Your Points-of-Presence Online

Each point-of-presence on the Internet is a door to the world that must be managed and secured. Systems must either be protected on the Internet or removed from the Internet to prevent unauthorized access and malware infection. 

Cameras, building controls, access controls, and general IoT have vulnerabilities that often reside in their firmware and may go unchecked. They are installed and often forgotten. Traditionally, these devices are hidden behind a commercial-grade firewall or allowed remote connection through the business’ network infrastructure via VPN.

VPN’s and commercial-grade firewalls do protect devices, but they have drawbacks. Adding building OT, security, and life-safety systems to the IT network increases IT burden, and both methods still rely on the Internet for remote connectivity. Furthermore, commercial-grade firewalls must be maintained regularly to remain secure from evolving threats. Why not remove these vulnerable devices from the Internet altogether?

Secure Utility has created a true private network with priority access to the backend of the mobile carrier network. On a private network, your devices cannot be found on the Internet because they are not on the Internet. To protect the private network from internal threats, all up- and down-stream traffic runs through a bank-grade firewall. Unlike commercial-grade firewalls, a bank-grade firewall is professionally managed and updated in real-time.

Reducing your exposure to the Internet reigns in the threat from the increase in connected devices and should be a part of every business’s security program.

To learn more, contact Secure Utility today!


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