Win-Win with
Secure Utility

Lower Costs and Greater Security for Your Clients

Add New RMR to Your Business

A Great Value for Your Clients

Comprehensive Cybersecurity

Simple Installation

With an ever-evolving threat landscape, securing mission-critical systems is a growing concern for your clients. A multi-layered cyber defense that removes critical systems from the Internet can make secure remote connectivity possible with clients who couldn’t take part otherwise. This utility scales to meet your clients’ needs, providing ample opportunity to grow your business with them accordingly. Secure Utility’s +RMR system also puts you in control, simplifying account management and invoicing.

Secure Utility is more than a utility…

…it is a program built around you, our authorized integrator, to help you promote and manage new business with Secure Utility. The core tenets of the program include Client Registration, Marketing Support, Easy Installation, and the +RMR™ Portal for complete account management.

See below for more on the Authorized Integrator Program

Client Registration

Secure Utility is only available through authorized integrators. Based on your level, you will be able to pass along extended warranties and increase your margins on equipment. All Authorized Integrators can register deals through the +RMR™ system.

  • Four Integrator Levels
  • Online Client Registration (+RMR™)
  • Protect Your Leads

Marketing Support

You have access to email templates, co-branded literature, landing pages, and prepared messaging to help you communicate your new offering to clients and prospects. In addition to supporting you with marketing tools, all leads developed by Secure Utility are directed back to Authorized Integrators.
  • Co-branded Literature
  • HTML Email Templates
  • Designated Landing Page
  • Leads go to Authorized Integrators

Easy Installation

Secure Utility’s plug-n-play solution can be configured off a simple deployment questionnaire. Standard installations simply require: AC or PoE power to the Interoperable Black Box (IBB), connection to the client’s systems, activation of the militarized SIM card (M-SIM®), and connection at the client’s site.
  • Simple Deployment Questionnaire
  • Plug-n-Play Installation
  • No Software Configuration
  • No Bulky Hardware
  • Minimal Connectivity Requirements

+RMR™ Portal

The +RMR™ Portal is the central command for managing your partner account and your Recurring Monthly Revenue. +RMR™ makes tracking client voice/data plans and invoicing simple. Secure Utility will train your team on using the portal and provide phone and online support 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM Eastern Standard Time, Monday to Friday (except on holidays).
  • Complete Account Management
  • Client Registration
  • Client Account and Plan Tracking
  • Data Use/Fees Per Client, Per Facility
  • and More!