Secure Utility for Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities have sensitive environments, complex physical security requirements, and strict cybersecurity policies. Remote connectivity over the public Internet is as limited as possible and generally isolated from the healthcare IT network and operational controls.

With Secure Utility’s multi-layered cybersecurity solution, you can connect critical systems over a true secure private network with a priority LTE connection, segregated on the back-end of most mobile carrier networks – not the public internet. Remote connection to the Secure Private Network is guarded by a managed, bank-grade firewall, updated in real time to defend against up and downstream threats.

Whether you simply need remote connectivity for alarm services or looking to connect all your building systems, Secure Utility’s plans scale to support video surveillance streaming, access control, HVAC, BAS, alarms, elevator entrapment calls and more. Remotely, and cost-effectively manage the safety and security of your facilities over a true secure private network.

Connecting to your healthcare facility can be as secure as running a direct fiber connection to them, but at a much lower cost.

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